Clothing information

Instructions for use

CE Norm 1 >> 350 N

CE Norm 2 >> 800 N = FIE Rules

Europa Norm EN 13567 - 2000

Notified body :
Institut Francais du Textile et de L´Habillement
Avenue Guy de Collongue
F- 69134- Ecully Cedex
No. O.N.: 0072

Range of Application
This garment is designed for use in the sport of fencing according to the rules os the international fencing federation (FIE)

To choose the correct level of performance for protective clothing for fencers
please refer to the rules of your national fencing federation.We strictly recommend to only use fencing clothing of the highest level of perfomance ( EN 1367 level 2 ).

To find the correct size of your fencing clothing
Protective clothing for fencing should be chosen big enough to ensure room to move. However it should be tight enough to avoid that the fabric falls in folds which might catch the opponent´s blade.

The zones of protection of this protective garment
can be seen from the article of the enclosed appropriate figur.The following parts of the garment are not part of the protective zones:
>> the elastics at the end of the sleeves and the lower end of the breeches (beloww the knees)
>> the tightening strap that is placed between the legs and the bracers (suspenders).
>> all other fastening devices like straps, Velcro, zippers ect.

When fastening your fencing clothing
make sure, that all fasteningdevices (straps, Velcros, zippers, buttons ect.) are closed completely and firmly. The garment may not be used any longer, if any of the fastening devices doesn´t work properly.

Fencing by virtue of being a combat sport in which body contact bythe weapon occurs, is by its nature dangerous. Protective clothing and equipment for fencers isintended as far as possible to prevent injuries, or in the worst cases to reduce the severity of injuries, particularly by the point of the weapon. Broken blades pose a particular threat. The circumstances of the breakage of blades may result in high tip velocities and consequent high energy impacts by the broken blade. Broken blades have been known to penetrate protective equipment with fatal consequences. No practical clothing is capable of withstanding all broken blade impacts.
Protctive clothing must not be changed or manipulated. In particular seems must not be opened or further parts be added or taken away. Caring instructions must be respected. Non-respect of these instructions can reduce the level of protection of this garment.
Carefully inspect protective clothing or fencing at regular intervals to make sure, that no mechanical defects (like abrasion, holes, broken seems, tears, scratches) have occurred. If this has happened, the garment may no longer be used.
Fencing clothing is designed to only be used by either left handers or right handers.Fencing clothing for right handers must not be used by left handers and vice versa.

Caring and Storing Instructions
This garment can be washed at 40° C in a mild detergend. Don´t spin-dry or tumble this garment, as the mechanical impacts might reduce its level of protection. All closures have to be closed during washing. To be stored in its original packing in a cool and dry place without direct light exposure.

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