»  DFB security regulations in German ( from 01.August 2016 ) >Here<

» 04.05.2015  Now, the new foil and epee points are available without screws
                        and are FIE-approved !
                        Because of the novel construction the screws got sinply needless.
                        However, our wires and springs can be used.
                        More >HIER<


» 28.08.2014 Important information concerning fencing masks

In its urgent letter No. 14-14 the FIE has clarified, that from September 1st 2014 only masks with two independent fastening devices will be allowed for competitions. The reason for this is that masks are being sold that are only equipped with one single elastic restraint to keep the mask on the head. This kind of mask has to be upgraded with a second fastening device.

Uhlmann and allstar masks are not affected. For more than 30 years all Uhlmann and allstar masks have been equipped with two independent fastening devices, the tongue and an additional elastic. Therefore, all Uhlmann and allstar FIE masks still conform without any change and without any restrictions to the FIE rules.

The FIE urgent letter 14-14 can be found at:

» New cancellation policy starting from 13 June 2014

40-euro-clause is omitted - dealer may require pre-paid return

On 13.06.2014, the withdrawal period is standardized across Europe. From this day throughout Europe the Germans already well-known 14-day deadline for the revocation of an order applies. Also, a uniform pattern across notice of withdrawal must face from that day are available online and mail order retailer. Particularly exciting for consumers, however, are likely to be other changes that regulates the new law when shopping in online stores and traditional mail order companies. Until now returns with a value of 40 € or more (have not been paid on account) for the buyer free of charge. With the new law, dealers can provide their customers return costs for higher-priced goods in full. This is not absolutely necessary, but the legal basis have distributors in mid-June. This is particularly interesting for consumers who order large and bulky goods on the web. The return may need to be made through a freight forwarding and can be expensive. Why should consumers from 13:06. especially attentive read the "effects of withdrawal." This states who bears the costs in case of cancellation. Dealers must Customers bulky goods (is spoken here of "not shipped by parcel", such as a dishwasher) order, enlighten before the binding order on what the return transport costs in the event of a cancellation. The seller must bear the cost not to the last penny quantified precisely, it is sufficient a reference to the maximum of the costs incurred.

Cancellation must be submitted formally - without comment is no longer enough
Anyone who has returned goods so far, could do so without formal declaration of revocation. Also a reason he was the dealer not guilty. One reason is still not necessary, all without comment, consumers should the dealer of the goods but not send. As of the date the buyer must declare the revocation of formal and unambiguous. These consumers should explain, with their full address, date of purchase and against Board its cancellation in writing. Often dealers place at an appropriate return form, which should be best used. If you want to be absolutely sure, revokes additionally by e-mail or fax and ask for an acknowledgment of receipt.

Only standard shipping costs must be replaced
Similar to the current regime, the dealer must continue in the event of a cancellation the purchase price including shipping costs to replace. But even with this scheme, there is a small but particularly important for some impatient customers innovation: Dealer just have the standard cost (ie the postage for the cheapest shipping method in his shop) reimburse for mailing to the buyer of a commodity. Surcharges (eg for express shipping), however, must not be reimbursed.

The "eternal Withdrawal" - a right of yesterday
With the entry into force of the new regulations and the aptly described "eternal Withdrawal" is omitted. In the future, also applies to a missing or inadequate explanation of the revocation deadline, although buyers in this case still have much longer time. Clarifies a dealer or do so incorrectly over the cancellation options, the withdrawal period is extended by exactly 1 year. But after this year (and 14 days) is forfeited in this case, the claims of the customer to cancel the order.

Dealer can leave with longer repayment period
Who revokes valid, patience must prove, as a new scheme plays into the hands of the dealers: The dealer has the right to withhold the payment for the goods to him, the shipment will reach him or detected. Who would like to have the money as quickly as possible, at the best the dealer can thus get the delivery receipt. Once this reaches him, runs the 14-day period for refund. This starts failing to run only with the arrival of the goods by the dealer. This date is significantly worse understandable for the customer.

Also, the customer benefits - What's new with surcharge-free numbers and the cancellation of subscriptions
The changes described mean for the buyer (at least potentially) a deterioration. Some, however, also strengthen the position of the buyer. So traders need to turn off the 6/13/2014 their buyers at least with a decent cash available with which the buyer can effect payment Charge free. A supplement such as for payment by credit card so is still lawful, but it must then be at least one more, additional cost-free payment option. Dealers must in future also a phone number to contact communicate whose cost does not exceed that of the base tariff. Also preselected chargeable additional services (eg optional transport insurance or extended warranties) to a stop to advanced. Dealer they may offer more, but buyer must pay for it only when they select them active. Subscriptions to newspapers and magazines can always be revoked regardless of price. The deadline is here with receipt of the first issue.

In our Online Shop, from space saving , are all the usual article listed and to order.
   The article in the Shop not found, but in the pricelist, you can by consultation via
   E-Mail or phone will be appointed.

» Immediately we supply to the USA and to selected states with FedEx.
   This is also within the European Union, excluded Germany, possible!
   With the dispatch with Fedex we communicate shipping costs to you by email, if these
   must to be computed after volume weight ( paket measure: length x wide x height ) or
   the shop indicated around more than 15.00 euros exceeds.

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